Chinese food

Chinese food is famous for its bright colors, beautiful forms, tempting aromas and variety of flavors.  It is not only the straight-forward, plentiful and cheap fare we are used to see in many Chinese restaurants over the world.

If we peek in a Chinese pantry, we immediately notice that rice and noodles are staple food for Chinese people. Many meals consist of a rice or noodles base with bitesieze pieces of vegetables, seafood or meat added and accompanied by a variety of other dishes including more vegetables and meat.

Most meat dishes include pork or chicken prepared using some of the traditional methods.

Chinese recipes

Chicken lo mein is a recipe for stir-fried chicken and vegetables where boiled noodles are added at the end to warm and soak the stir fry juices.

Chow mein is a generic Chinese name for a dish of stir-fried noodles. This mushroom and spinach chow mein is one of the many hundred variations.

Jiao zi, the Chinese dumplings, are popular in a traditional dim sum cart.

Peking duck best known recipe from Mandarin cuisine.