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Spice mixes and pastes

Ingredients and proportions for selected spice mixes and pastes. Always natural cooking, using natural ingredients, flavors, condiments, herbs and spices.

Food in Africa

The African continent is home to people form hundreds of different tribes, ethnic and social groups. No wonder all this variety shows in African cuisine all the way through the ingredient used to the preparation and cooking techniques.

Food in New York

Food in New York is typical American fare with the addition of many ethnic restaurants in large cities.

Wine in Asia

Wine did not have the importance in Asia that it always enjoyed in the Western world. It is true that the climate in most of Asia does not encourage wine production but there are some promising areas. China, Japan and India are developing an interest in wine and there are some domestic wine industries growing gradually.

Food in the United Arab Emirates

Food in the Emirates has evolved from dates, salted fish and camel milk with some rice to a much more sophisticated cuisine adopting typical Middle East dishes and incorporating international cuisine.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Food is usually a key part for a celebration in nearly any culture, and the Chinese Lunar New Year is not an exception to this norm, and there are many opportunities for special meals and treats.

Food in Asia

Asian cuisine holds a special fascination for the Western visitors. Food in Asia is a true festival of scents and flavors. After all, most spices originated somewhere there.

Olives & olive oil

Olives, with their characteristic, slightly acidic flavor, are used as appetizers, in salads, pasta sauces,  pizzas, in robust meat and chicken dishes, with vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes. Olive oil is used in cooking, salad  dressings and sauces.


Marinating flavors and tenderizes meat, fish or vegetables. There are some marinating mixes that are always popular.


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