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Home wine making equipment and ingredients

If you ever visited a wine estate, you weree probably left with the impression that it is a high-tech process best left to the professionals. That is really not so. People have been making wines with a minimum of equipment for thousands of years.

Sulfites and home winemaking

Are there wines without sulfites?

Tey are so difficult to find that I am thinking to make my own wine at home. I thought it would not be woth it but at this point I can see the advantages of home wine making.

Home wine making uncorked

Winemaking is big business, but it is also a hugely satisfying hobby for wine lovers to pursue at home. One can choose how far to go, from just making wine to growing grapes and fruit, as grapes are the preferred source for wine but not the only one.

Eating in New York City

There are many, many options for lunch or dinner in New York. You can find any cuisine, any style. Here there are a few options that are enjoyable and convenient.

An italian table

An Italian table is easy to set up. Italians lay a fine table and I can attest that Italian celebration dinners are usually long affairs. Sitting down to eat at four in the afternoon and getting up at eight in the evening is not that unusual when your host is Italian.

Bordeaux versus Burgundy

Wine tasting March 2010 with a selection of wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy.


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