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Chocolate helps you beat the winter blues

Ex-sinful chocolate helps you beat  winter blues. Experience the delectable taste of these chocolate treats with the peace of mind that comes from knowing chocolate has turned into all natural goodness, especially if it is dark, as long as you don't over do it.

Zest of citrus

Citrus fruits are well known at the table and many of them go beyond food to become a useful flavoring to have around at the kitchen. One of the parts used especifically as flavoring is the zest.

The thousand and one cheeses

Charles de Gaulle is reported to have once said 'How can you govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?' But whatever may have been the administrative skills of that old French soldier, he was right about one thing. There are a great many kinds of cheese in the world, a tribute to the inventiveness of cheesemakers.

Choosing a wine for ham or turkey

Holiday meals are special occasions which usually call for a festive bottle of wine. Traditional holiday meals often include either ham or turkey, which causes some debate, and confusion, over what wine should be served.

Cheese essentials

Snack or cooking ingredient, there is a whole world of cheeses. Cheese makes a wonderful addition to many dishes and can also be the main ingredient.

Describing food

Describing food is not as easy as it would seem. How many ways can you say something was really tasty? Not enough to keep you interested in what you are writing. That is why we have to borrow words from other areas to describe the food and the effect it has on us.

Gift ideas

I would like some gift ideas for foodies.I have given many things over the years. Run out of new ideas.


I have just tried a tasty spreadable sausage called nduja, but what is it made of?

Weight gain, weight loss

One of my friends insists beans make you fat but bread crust is less fattening than the soft crumbly inside, and to lose weight fast it is better to avoid potatoes, one of my favourite foods, and be on a fruit only diet, should I believe all that?


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