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Mom's famous cheesecake - A delicious homemade recipe for a dessert the U.S. is famous for.
Watermelon and Mint Salad - A quick, refreshing and coloful salad to have as a snack or side.
Tabbouleh parsley salad - Another more traditional form of tabbouleh which tastes spectacularly.
Stuffed cabbage - A delicious vegetarian option, that's presented well, originating from Eqypt.
Sosaties - A SOuth AFrican BBQ skewer recipe with a marinade that makes the dish.
Salata aswad - A Sudanese salad that goes great with pita bread and yogurt.
Pumpkin bread - Using one of the staple ingredients of American cooking, the Pumpkin, to make a bread or dessert.
Old Dutch braised red cabbage - A delicious Dutch side dish that goes well with gamey meat.
Pumpkin damper - A pumpkin version of the Australian bread.


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