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Libyan Kofta - A slightly different mix to make delicious koftas.
Korean japchae - A Korean dish used for festivities that when presented with bulgogi makes a main meal. Equally you can have it on its own.
Green stuffed kebab - A way of freshening and spicing up a kebab.
Jalapeno corn - Savoury, sweet and spicy snack from North America.
Bouneschlupp - A nutritious, hearty and rustic soup from Luxembourg.
Crunchy salad - A scrumptious salad that's unbelievably easy to prepare and keeps well in the fridge.
Kabak Mücver (Zucchini squash croquettes) - A traditional vegetarianTurkish side dish. 
Estonian beet salad - A rustic, hearty Estonian salad that's seemingly surf and turf.
Spanakopita - This Greek spinach pie is one of the best known recipes in Greek cuisine. It is simple, although managing phyllo pastry may seem challenging the first two or three times. Serve spanakopita warm as a vegetarian main or side dish. Serve it cold as a snack or appetizer.


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