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Brotchan foltchep - Oatmeal is a great thickener, preferred over flour or pureed veggies. This leek and oatmeal soup is an Irish classic.
Caipirinha - The national cocktail of brazil, spectacular for Summer festivities.
Quick poutine - A quick way to make a delicious Canadian poutine. Used as a snack or side dish.
Poutine gravy - This gravy goes great with our previously posted cheese poutine recipe.
Cheese poutine - Easy to make recipe that's a Canadian classic. A stunning snack or side dish which is sure to deliver. 
Spicy chicken balado - Savory, succulent and spicy way to cook chicken.
Calulu de Peixe - A traditional fish stew straight from Angola, although influenced by Portugal.
Eggplant tahini bake - A lovely vegetarian dish, created in England, inspired by travels.
Efo-riro (Vegetable stew) - A savory vegetable,fish and meat stew all the way from Nigeria.


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