Information about food, meaning anything solid eaten for sustenance - solid to distinguish it from beverages.

Red lanterns and paper pineapple decorations for the Chinese New Year.

Food is usually a key part for a celebration in nearly any culture, and the Chinese Lunar New Year is not an exception to this norm, and there are many opportunities for special meals and treats.

Dubai meal with rice, rice and lamb stew, vegetables, and chicken.

Food in the Emirates has evolved from dates, salted fish and camel milk with some rice to a much more sophisticated cuisine adopting typical Middle East dishes and incorporating international cuisine.

There's a good reason pasta is high on nearly everyone's list of favorites. Pasta is versatile, healthy, tasty and easy to work with. It provides the base for hundreds of delicious recipes, whether drowned in sauce or chopped up plain in a salad, or even as an ingredient in a stir-fry.

Pork is a succulent red meat. Once, before freezers and refrigerators, pork was only for the winter months as the meat does not keep well. Nowadays, pork meat can be enjoyed throuhgout the whole year.

Sharp, spicy flavor and strongly aromatic. Used for studding ham, with boiled beef, pulses or stewed fruits, in mulled wines and punches, in spiced cakes and baking; also an ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian spice mixes.

Nuts are rich in nutrients, including proteins, and they can be the main ingredient in a recipe on their own right. They can also be used as garnish, adding texture and crunch to other dishes.


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