Food and wine that know no countyr boundaries.

Whether you’re a serious home winemaker or just having a go for fun, knowing a bit about wine will expand your horizons. It will also help you decide what you’re aiming for in your own winemaking efforts.

If you ever visited a wine estate, you weree probably left with the impression that it is a high-tech process best left to the professionals. That is really not so. People have been making wines with a minimum of equipment for thousands of years.

Winemaking is big business, but it is also a hugely satisfying hobby for wine lovers to pursue at home. One can choose how far to go, from just making wine to growing grapes and fruit, as grapes are the preferred source for wine but not the only one.

If you are having a wine tasting party, or even just a sunny afternoon, relaxing with friends by the pool, appetizers served with a suitable wine can be a real hit. Choose your foods as carefully as you choose your wine and your guests will be raving, and coming back for more.

If you asked ten people about their techniques of tasting wine, you would probably get as many different answers. Why? Many people who taste wine don' really think about the uniformity and consistency that go into tasting wines.

Notes from wine tasting on January 2011.


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