Food and wine that know no countyr boundaries.

As far back as 450 BC, physicians have recommended wine to combat fever, disinfect wounds and provide nutritional supplements. But Greek science also taught that the stars moved on heavenly spheres, so one has to be careful. Has anything been learned since?

The title is misleading. There really is no such thing as 'proper' when choosing a wine and food to enjoy together. In matters of taste, individual judgment will always reign supreme.

White wines come from white grapes, right? This is mostly true, but not always. In grape world, the pulp is white whichever the color of the skin. The trick to make white wine is to separate the must -sweet fresly pressed grape juice- from the skins and stems as soon as possible because those are the responsible part for color and tannin. It is possible to make white wine from not so white grapes.

Charles de Gaulle is reported to have once said 'How can you govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?' But whatever may have been the administrative skills of that old French soldier, he was right about one thing. There are a great many kinds of cheese in the world, a tribute to the inventiveness of cheesemakers.

Wine starts with the grapes; red wines get their character from the grapes used to make them. The nature of the grapes defines how the wine will be.


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