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Pasta, an easy, healthy and delicious dish

With so many people trying to eat healthier, even the thought of enjoying a pasta meal may seem to be literally off the table. A big plate of pasta smothered in rich sauce conjures up thoughts of an expanding belly, unbuttoned pants, and practically rolling out of the dining room to settle onto the couch and sink into a carbohydrate induced snooze.

How to make great chili

When the cooler temperatures make an appearance, you may consider making a big pot of chili. Just follow these tips to make great chili.

Wine clubs

Once the province of the enthusiast or specialist, wine clubs are now really popular.

Irish beer

When you think of Ireland, one of the first things you might think of is beer. And for many, they think of Guinness, a stout beer that has been brewed in Ireland since 1759.

Home winemakers

Home winemakers are on the rise. Though the professionals of wine still imbue their work with passion and skill, amateurs, with the help of modern technology and knowledge passed down over generations, can often approach similar results

Reasons to Make Your Own Wine

Wine is the perfect accompaniment to almost any social occasion, from a wedding to a picnic, or an evening event to a luncheon date. You can buy in wine for your wine cellar or you can make your own. The second option offers lots of bonuses.

Citrus summer drinks

No matter what the reason, summer and citrus go hand-in-hand with a warm summer night. So sit back and relax with these mouthwatering drinks that feature citrus at its finest.

Homemade wines for all occasions

The wine experts agree that wine ideally needs to be matched to the occasion, or if it’s to be served with a meal, matched to the menu. There is a lot of wine snobbery about, and you don not have to stick rigidly to the wine rules, but thinking through the kinds of wine you can make, and what different types of wine complement well, can be useful.

Grapes for home wine making

Whether you’re a serious home winemaker or just having a go for fun, knowing a bit about wine will expand your horizons. It will also help you decide what you’re aiming for in your own winemaking efforts.


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