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Reasons to explore your local wineries

The current wave of excitement in the "Go Green" movement is to "eat local." This movement advocates eating food grown locally to help support farmers in a "farm-to-table" cuisine.

Fettuccine in the manner of Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is among the simplest, yet tastiest pasta dishes.

Sauces from Sicily

Italian sauces are well-known throughout the world. But there is a region of the country that offers something distinctively different: Sicily. Legally part of Italy, Sicily has often gone its own way politically. That same independent spirit is found in the cuisine of this sun-drenched island, and most particularly in its fine sauces.

Magnificent Mughlai cuisine

The Mughals invaded India in the 16th century, adding yet another culture to a land already full of so many. They brought with them their own distinctive cuisine and the world has benefited.

Time to try a new wine

When we fall in love with a particular wine, we often are hesitant to try anything else. This is a pity, as this attitude closes the door to all sorts of new tastes and experiences. If you're buying the same bottle of wine every time you shop - stop - look around - and consider trying something new and exciting.

How does the vineyard's region affect a wine?

Great wines start with great grapes from great places. With substandard raw ingredients, there is no way to produce anything other than a substandard wine. This being the case, there are a few specific conditions, which make grape growing impeccable. Let's take a look at these conditions and what other influences different regions have on their wines.

With pasta, the sauces make the dish

Plain pasta is healthy and delicious. But the overwhelming majority of dishes are going to involve combining it with some kind of sauce.

Pepperoni rolls from West Virginia

I am a West Virginia transplant. When moving here I truly did not expect there to be a large cultural difference.

Italian righteous risotto

Risotto is a rice-based Italian dish. But, oh what a delightful taste sensation is masked by that simple description.


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