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Mexican soup fiesta

Think of Mexican food and soup is not the first thing that comes to mind. But considering how many delicious Mexican soup recipes there are, it could never be last on the list. Here's a small sampling of some of those delightful concoctions.

The versatile tortilla

Tortillas, either made of corn or flour, have long been eaten by families in Mexico and now they are popular everywhere.

Celebrate Easter

Easter isn't the largest holiday of the year, but sometimes it seems like it should be. There are dozens of great reasons to celebrate Easter for 'kids' of all ages, and food is not the least.

Easter is like Christmas in Spring, only better since the weather is better. It provides many opportunities to place some flower vases or planters around the house to bring the outdoor cheer indoors. It's also a great time to give a gift of flowers to cure any lingering winter blues.

Staples in your pantry

Staples, such as dried fruit, pasta and canned tomatoes are essential to every pantry. Without these base foods, we, as cooks, are at a loss when it comes time for dinner.

Cheerios recipes

Do you remember your first finger food? I bet it had low fat or no artificial colors, only 1 gram of sugar, and had 20% of your daily needs. Not to mentioned it was in a bright yellow box.

Enhancing the boxed Thanksgiving

Although healthy and creative, cooking from scratch is time consuming and healthy food usually comes at a premium, so many of us will turn to boxed food to help with Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Let us choose good pre-made food and make it more delicious.

Bubbling cauldron recipes

Bubbling cauldron recipes, dip and witch brew fit for Halloween parties.

Inexpensive Fourth of July party

How many say they would like to have a Fourth of July party but would like to keep the budget tight. Some not expensive red. blue and white decorations, food and beverages is all it takes to throw a party.

Celebrate the Fourth of July

Where will you celebrate the Fourth of July? Park? Beach? The lake? Wherever it is, there will be something for you in this selection.


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