Anything we drink to quench thirst other than water, from fruit juice to tea.

How to store tea

You have gone to great lengths to find a great tea. You have spent two to five times or more what it would cost to get an ordinary tea from the grocery store. Now, keeping your tea stored properly can make it last as long as a year.

A variety of Mexican beverages

When most people think of Mexican cuisine they don't picture beverages to go with it. But in all cultures, the drink paired with the food is an important part of the entire experience. Imagine having a fine red snapper prepared Mexican style for dinner, then washing it down with orange juice or milk. Healthy, but somehow it just doesn't fit.

Rum spiked horchata

Total time
5 hours
4 servings

Making horchatas is time consuming, but completely worth the wait. It’s a good idea to start preparing it the day before you plan to drink it so it has plenty of time to process and chill.

Irish coffee

Total time
15 minutes
2 servings

If you like to finish a meal with a cup of coffee, then you have to try an Irish coffee. Made from black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipping cream it’s a drink that is sure to please any day of the year.