The activity of preparing food.


Basic stove repairs made easy

That can be as easy as unplugging it from the electrical outlet and wheeling in a new one. Or, it may be a relatively simple matter of turning off the gas, then fitting a new hose for the replacement.

But there are a range of repairs (pardon the pun) that you can carry out if your stove still has a lot of life left.

The exhaust system is a case in point. Exhaust systems are composed chiefly of a fan and vent.



Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies and warm pineapple upside down cake. Could be you're a main course lover? Oh those juicy roasts or that green bean casserole. No matter what the case everyone is in luck because baking works for all of us. There are so many options when baking and there are numerous possibilities. So let's see what "all the baking" is about.


There are usually a number of larger appliances installed in the kitchen. The stove top and the oven are considered essential, but also the fridge and freezer are important. Then, there is a wide variety within each category.