Hot Food News

The star article for December was kids Christmas cookies, closely followed by Bergen County restaurant hit list, as people in Bergen County, New Jersey keep coming back to check the best places to go. Food in USA saw the addition of food in Maine, with some more Maine recipes and New England recipes to come in addition to the Maine lobster, New England clam chowder and Election Day cake.

Food in Africa and Oceania and food were also born. Watching them grow will be exciting.

Describing food is a topic always hot with both English students and budding food writers. That’s why we keep adding to it.

What to expect next: A tour around the world of breakfast. Let’s explore how people start their days all over the world and how to give an international touch to our milk and cereals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, do you have breakfast?

Simply Wine News

On the wine racks, we saw new bottles for wine in Africa and Oceania and wine. - it was about time - but the most thrilling details for this wine story are still to come.

You can now walk the Madera wine trail or the northern California wineries looking for great wineries, including Sonoma. Thanks to Kevin, a British wine lover who likes to share his experiences, we have our first few tasting notes, just check your food and wine for tasting notes.

Checking on, you can pop into wine cellar to see the first of the pages about the winery and making wine, learning what is the job of a winery supervisor. Maybe you will be tempted, after reading how to make homemade wine, to try your hand at it.

What to expect next: More about the goings at the winery and more comments about wine.

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