Hot Food News

Did you know that pepperoni rolls are a favorite snack in West Virginia?

Food in Brazil

Brazilian food is warm, tasty and it reflects the varied population in the country. Get to know Brazilian cooking through recipes such as cheese puffs, chicken and mushrooms, Brazilian churrasco, corn cakes, feijoada, or fried bananas with cinnamon.

New recipes

Swiss roast chicken with stuffing - Serve this roast chicken with potatoes as in the French-speaking or German-speaking cantons, or with pasta, as in the Italian speaking cantons.

British steak, Guiness and kidney pie - Steak and kidney or steak and ale pie are traditional British dishes one can find in any pub worth this name. Find a recipe combining steak, kidney and a very fine brew, to go with the beer topic we were holding this month.

Submarine sandwiches from New Jersey - A submarine sandwiches, or sub for short, is a sanwich prepared with a long bread roll and filled with luncheon meats, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise or other dressing. However there more behind this recipe.

Rugalach or ragalach? - Ragalach, or rugalach, the name does not matter, is a delicious pastry that will always mean New Jersey -where I discover the recipe- for me. I found it in numerous shops and grocery stores, always under a slightly different name.

Food & Wine Pairing

Not wine, but pairing food and beer.

Simply Wine News

This time we would not concentrate in wine, but the world of beer.

The world of beer

Those who appreciate a good wine are ready to appreciate good beer, especially lambics, a brew that can age as well as wine. Explore the world of beer. Finally, we have completed the report on beer we started past November. Beer was innovation throughout the Old World, through the very Old World because beer brewing is as old as wine making, if not older.

Beer is made with very basic ingredients, just water, barley malt, yeast and hops. This simple ingredients produce atonishing variations, so a knowledge of beer basic concepts and the different kinds of beer -mainly lambics, lagers and ales- is in order. Add to this category wheat beer, as barley is not the only malt to produce a fine brew.

For those planning to delve deeper in the world of beer there are tips on how to store beer, pouring beer, considering even glassware, or beer tasting. Just let us explaind that measuring beer means calibrating to the point the bitterness -hops- and swetness -malts- without forgetting the alcohol content.

There is a beer buying guide and an introduction to the brews online. There is not only beer online, but also breweriana -beer related items that have become collectibles- including a glimpse of live breweriana auctions.

If you are wondering if it is possible to brew beer at home, the answer is yes, home brewing is a past time for many and we have included a brief introduction and 10 steps to perfect brews.

A tour of beer should not finish without finding about Beer in Belgium.