Hot Food News

This is the week to try some international sweet delights.

Easter has been a popular holiday in Italy for over 2,000 years. To celebrate the coming of spring you can make a fine Italian panettone. If panettone is a tradition by Christmas, why not try this Easter version?

You may prefer Russian Easter bread. Easter is celebrated in Russia and one of the finest ways to do that is with a stellar loaf of homemade bread.

Swedish coffee cakes supply the perfect early treat to munch on during any holiday or special day. Call it Easter, Christmas or your birthday.

Simply Wine News

Start with tasting notes for Mediterranean wines, then move to Exploring the delights of French wines. When you are done with these, have an overview to wine in Burgundy, or, if you have thirst for knowledge, unravel Burgundy completely, including details on Beaujolais wines and Chablis wines.

Don’t forget about Easter drinks, the perfect complement for any Easter gathering or just fun to try, if you don’t celebrate this holiday.

There is an advanced course titled 'Understanding Wine and Beer' at Cornell University. Topics covered range from the history of viticulture to the microbiology of fermentation to the neurobiology of taste, along with the expected lectures on chemistry, color and tasting methods. Clearly, the two most popular alcoholic drinks have arrived.

March 2010