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We pay attention to your comments.

"I'm more interested in food rather than wine. I struggled to find the recipes though. Wish they were grouped by country."

They are, if you visit the page for a particular country. Ohterwise, we agree, recipes were not easy to find. We hope this task will be easier now we have promoted the recipes to the main navigation bar and with the new classification that will let you find recipes not only by name, as before, or country, as requested, but by level of difficulty, cooking method or ingredient as well.

Transferring all the recipes is a task that will take the whole summer. You will find more recipes in the system whenever you stop by, including absolutely new recipes that had not been published before.

Learn about Dutch babies, feel Mediterranean with Greek mushrooms and spanakopita, or treat yourself to Eton mess and Welsh cakes.

Bonus: recalculating ingredients for a different number of servings is only one click away.

Simply Wine News

Would you crave an expensive Burgundy red when you find yourself by the pool or in a patio barbecue, scorching hot and with insects? No, of course not.

Let us talk about summer wines. The objective is to understand the characteristics in the wine that make it most appropriate for summer drinking occasions, as well as explore types, styles and sources of summer wines. Last, but not least, let’s see summer wine and food matching. Find as well tasting notes for wonderful summer wines to enjoy.

April 2010