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Spanish soup recipes arrived to World Food and Wine and you can find recipes for those traditional hot soup dishes as caldo Gallego and Castilian garlic soup or the very refreshing classic gazpacho from Seville or ajo blanco from Malaga.

Oceania and food also saw the first recipes from down under. It is really curious to learn about some of their traditions and products. I must admit that the name balmain bug salad put me off the first time I saw it, was that a real insect? Children will love anzac biscuits.

Food in Ethiopia was the first stop in the African continent. Learn about injera, Ethiopian flat bread, used as food and eating utensil.

From USA, we opened food in Massachusetts and the first local recipe Boston baked beans. You’ll love this recipe, if you use it in the British way and serve them on toast, it will entice kids to eat their beans.

Tour around the world of breakfast

Do you have breakfast? USA is also the first stop in our tour around the world of breakfast. Find how is breakfast in USA.

Restaurant review

Pierres Restaurant
Quay Street, Galway City Centre,
Galway, Ireland
Food: excellent
Ambiance: excellent
Service: very good
Cost: $$

The seafood chowder from the specials menu, the Galway Bay mussels,  The chowder was, to quote my wife, 'absolutely delicious' and I agreed with her. Thick, creamy and with a hint of curry spices it was a well-judged dish. My mussels were cooked just right, and the simple sauce of garlic, cream and white wine was excellent. Just a taste of what you can expect when you arrive in such a beautiful little restaurant.

Reviewer: Sandra & co, from Ireland

What to expect next about world food

Apart of a relation of everything new at World Food and Wine, we will visit our next stop in our tour around the world of breakfast.

Simply Wine News

Quiet in these quarters. We did not have as much activity as we expected this month.

A few words about the New Zealand wine landscape were added to Oceania and wine. Most activity happened at the wine cellar level. As there is no wine without good grapes, we added a description of the most popular red grape varieties, white grape varieties still to come, and the profile of one of the most imortant persons at the winery: the winemaker.

Wines to get from New Zealand

We list recommended wines, a selection not based on prices or particular preferences, but recommendations from expert wine critics. The objective is to have a good expresion of what Ne Zealand offers in the world of wine, covering all main wine styles in the country. These are the bottles all wine collectors would like to have in their cellars.

Whites Reds Sparkling
Chard Farm Judge and Jury Chardonnay
Reasonable ($$)
Felton Road Block Pinot Noir
Expensive ($$$)
Cloudy Bay Malborough Pelorus
Cheap ($)
Montana Vineyards Malborough Sauvignon Blanc
Reasonable ($$)
Goldwater Esate Esslin Merlot
Very Expensive ($$$$)
Huia Vineyards Riesling
Reasonable ($$)
Martinborough Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir
Expensive ($$$)
Isabel Estate Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
Reasonable ($$)
Stonyridge Vineyard Larose
Very Expensive ($$$$)
Kumeu River Wines Maté's Vineyard Chardonnay
Expensive ($$$)
Te Mata Estate Bullnose Syrah
Reasonable ($$)
Villa Maria Estate Reserve Noble Riesling
Reasonable ($$)
Villa Maria Reserve Marlborough Pinot Noir
Reasonable ($$)

What to expect next about world wines

Wines to get from Australia and an interview with Kevin, our amateur reviewer, who has contibuted with more reviews to our site.