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The food pantry started to fill with some food items likely to appear on almost every home in the worl. Cheese, for instance, takes the characteristics of the region where it was produced and sampling cheeses around the world is a fascinating enterprise. You will find Gruyére in Switzerland and France has Brie or Camembert -and more than food in France opens the doors to a new country. A gourmet item, though not as well known as wines. Discover the many kinds of cheese and how to judge a fine cheese.

Pasta is another staple in many, many kitchens. So we put together some pasta tips from the pros about cooking and serving pasta. Sauces, fettucinne Alfredo, spaghetti carbonara and an exotic Mexican lasagna have been our additions in this area.

What to expect next about world food

The bonus reports will be about traveling. Our city tours will became booklest you can print and take with your when traveling.

Food & Wine Pairing

This section is about the features publishes in both newsletters: Hot Food News and Simply Wine News... and this time, we tried matching pasta and your favorite wines.

Simply Wine News

In this quieter time, the additions went to the wine cellar and some research on the symptoms of developing an interest in wine, like being curious about how wine evolved form ancient art to a modern science and global business, pondering what one can find in a wine club, and feel baffled about aging wine and the need of storing before pouring.

Selecting a fine wine is not common task. Obviously the selection of a specific type, year and brand of wine is a matter of individual taste. But differences aside, there are some broad guidelines on which there is agreement, within the confines of price. However, sometimes the wine has faults or goes wrong -probably because it wasn't stored in ideal conditions. Cooked or corked? See which are the possible problems with wine. Cooked or corked, it's all bad.

Good wine requires good grapes

How a wine tastes depends more on the grapes, or blend of grapes, used to make it much more than it does on terroir or winemaking skills. Getting familiar with the most popular grape varieties puts you on the right path to wine expertise as you will be able to predict the flavor and aroma different wines would have just by reading the names of the grapes involved in its production. Find firs the description of the most popular red grape varieties, the ones to give red wines their character, go on to discover the flavors you can get from outstanding white grape varieties.

What to expect next about world wines

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