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Chocolate is truly the food of the goods, and it is the first food item to come to mind when we look for something rewarding and deeply satisfying. It is also easy to be creative. Cooking with chocolate will let you try some adventurous innovations. Use chocolate not only in sweet dishes, but savory as well.

The debate about chocolate is on.

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I enjoy this site very much and love the recipes. I am looking for a good recipe for scones. I would be grateful if you would post one on this site.

From: Shelley, Indian Beach 

We have seen scones shaped in wedges or squares, but we love them shaped the English way, in rounds. From the all purpose scones recipe is easy to prepare, cheese, ham and parsley or spiced scones. Slightly different are the tea scones, sour cream scones and drop scones. All of them come with suggestions for different flavors.

What to expect next about world food

The bonus reports will be about traveling. Our city tours will became booklest you can print and take with your when traveling.

Food & Wine Pairing

This section is about the features publishes in both newsletters: Hot Food News and Simply Wine News.

Wine has been successfully paired with cheese or fruit, apart from more traditional food and wine matching, why not wine and chocolate?

Food and Wine Travels

Food and wine travels both sides of the Atlantic. There are things to do at London, England, and places to visit at Montreal, Canada.

Simply Wine News

Just added some updates, especially to the wine maps.

What to expect next about world wines

We have extra room to store other alcoholic beverages in our wine cellar, beer, for instance. Some countries do not have the conditions to produce great wines, however, those same countries brew excellent beer. Let's explore.

We will be publishing every other month with updates on what is new at the site until the new year, when we will return to our regular monthly schedule.

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