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Mexican food is hot and we have added a lot to food in Mexico. Did you know there is a traditional Mexican pizza made from corn tortillas? It is not to be missed. Slice it into wedges then dip it into some salsa and you've got a fine snack. Frijoles refritos, refried beans, are used in a wide number of Mexican dishes and now you have the recipe.

Just a Question

Where are the recipes?

We understand your predicament.

As the recipes are scattered throughout all the world pages, it is difficult to locate that one you may want. We have opened a new recipe page, where you will an alphabetical index with all recipes and more. Well, all new recipes will be included there as soon as they are up, and we are scouring the site to index all the old ones, bear with us, please, it is not easy.

What to expect next about world food

Christmas recipes from around the world.

Food & Wine Pairing

This section is about the features publishes in both newsletters: Hot Food News and Simply Wine News.

Food and Wine Travels

China is the land of awe, with a population over 1.3 billion, a land mass almost 9.6 million square kilometers and a culture over 5,000 years old, China is a vast country in every sense. Get to know China and prepare for the Olympic Games.

Simply Wine News

We have updated the Spanish wine section, and, more exciting, started to explore the world of beer and its history and the basic ingredient in beer. The story will go on.

What to expect next about world wines

Apologies, we are not giving this section the attentioun we would like. We would like to finish our beer series before the year ends, so expect many articles in this area.