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Christmas Meal Recipes from Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Each has a distinctive and delicious dish to highlight the festivities.

  • From Denmark hails a recipe for roast wild duck that will bring satisfaction to diners in any country.
  • Yorkshire pudding would go well with roast beef, prime rib, pork roast, roasted chicken or any other. Still, Yorkshire pudding is delicious by any definition and can be served on the side of this duck.
  • This Midwest stuffing comes from the heart of the United States. We do not like to stuff our birds, as this may prevent uniform cooking, however, we love serving stuffing on the side.

Whatever your ancestry or country of origin, you'll find Christmas recipes from around the world to expand your horizons. Enjoy!

Holiday Dessert Recipes From Around the Globe

What better time than the winter holiday season to indulge your craving for a superb dessert. Fortunately, there are hundreds to choose from, many of which are not as fattening as you might imagine.

  • Way down in the land down under, they make a wonderful Christmas pudding. It will delight diners from around the world.
  • A torte in Europe is a kind of cake. There's a type that is traditional in Austria that will be appreciated by dessert lovers anywhere, we are talking about Austrian sachertorte.
  • For a traditional American treat, bake some gingerbread.

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Christmas Drink Recipes Around the World

Since Christmas is celebrated in so many countries around the world there exists a wide variety of traditional drinks. Whether your preference is for high alcohol content or just a warming liquid, you'll find something in the selections below to lift your holiday spirits.

The basic wassail hails from Britain where it has been a seasonal favorite for centuries. It's a delightful mixture that comes in a variety of styles.

To enjoy a bit of a great German tradition try some hot mulled wine. Germany is better known for its white wine than red. But the darker vintage used here also makes for a terrific holiday beverage.

Not wine, however it is delicious. Mexico celebrates Christmas with a twist, by enjoying a fine chocolate coffee.

Is there anything better than a traditional eggnog when looking forward to a white Christmas?

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