Food, wine and other drinks from China.

Peking duck

Peking duck.
1 hour, 30 minutes
6 servings

The key to good Peking duck is the elaborate preparation that takes place before cooking. The bird should be thoroughly plucked and cleaned. Then it must be wiped, preferably with a bit of gin and hung to dry. Let the air flow through the bird for several hours. Keep the mouth open, a small cardboard tube works well.

Jiao zi

1 hour, 30 minutes
12 servings

Jiao Zi (or Gow Gee, in the Mandarin dialect) is a concoction made of dough stuffed with meat and/or vegetables. It is often served as part of dim sum. Proper preparation takes a bit of time and effort. But the results, when done correctly, are well worth it. Discover how to make jiao zi.

The art of dining Chinese style

Chinese dining traditions go back thousands of years. The elaborate customs are an interesting mixture of practicality, superstition and social inertia. Westerners aren't expected to know the details but, as with learning a bit of the local language, it always helps. Following them will make for an enjoyable new experience and bring pleasure to a gracious host.

Szechuan style cuisine

Surrounded by mountains, including the famed Himalayas to the north, Szechuan province has given the world a unique cuisine. In English, the province is also often spelled Sichuan. The more common spelling is influenced by the Cantonese dialect. Whether it's Kung Pao chicken, Ma Po Tofu or Bang Bang Chicken, Szechuan cooking is renowned for being hot and spicy.

Shanghai style cuisine

Shanghai is one of the most prosperous, active and cosmopolitan cities in the world. At any given time there are over a thousand major construction projects taking place in this city of over 20 million. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the cuisine of this region should be equally cosmopolitan.

Chinese food

Chinese food is famous for its bright colors, beautiful forms, tempting aromas and variety of flavors. It is more than the straight-forward, plentiful and cheap fare we are used to see in many Chinese restaurants over the world.