dairy free

Milk and dairy product free recipes and dishes for a dairy free diet.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts are rich in nutrients, including proteins, and they can be the main ingredient in a recipe on their own right. They can also be used as garnish, adding texture and crunch to other dishes.


Total time
15 minutes
1 quart

Dashi is a type of Japanese stock. Dashi is the base for miso soup, and it is used to make broth, Japanese noodle soup and other recipes.

Soy ice cream

Total time
20 minutes
4 servings

Those who need to follow a dairy free diet, by need or choice, do not need to forget about ice cream. Replacing milk with soy is an option. The recipe is also free from egg and uses fructose to help those who cannot tolerate sugar. There is also a carob based version for those who need to avoid chocolate.