Martín Códax

Martín Códax blends modern vinification tenchiques and experimental vineyards with their tratditional methods and grapes to produce Albariño wines, orujo liquors, either white or blended with herbs.

Notehrworthy are their Burgáns, from their own premium Albariño grapes and fermented at low temperatures, Organistrum which is fermented in French oak barrels, and Gaellecia, made with late harvest, over-ripe grapes.

The there is the liquors, made from the Albariño grape skin and seeds, distilled and bottled white and also blended with local herbs or coffee.

For those visiting the area, Bodegas Martín Códax offer guided tours of the winery which include an explanation of the Albariño winemaking process and tasting of Martín Códax Albariño. They have an events room, as well.