beans & pulses

Recipes and ideas with beans and pulses.

Dal dish

40 minutes
4 servings

Dal is the Indian name for lentils, includinng red split lentils. You can make a dal dish wiht the consistency of a soup or thicker, to serve as a wholesome vegetarian stew.

Greek lentil soup

1 hour, 35 minutes
8 servings

Lentil soup is popular in the Greece menu when the Greek Orthodox Church prohibits eating meat or fish, especially during the Great Lent and Good Friday. Lentils are a good source of iron and proteins. Lentil soup is straight forward to make and it can be prepared without oil, if necessary.

Zuppa jota

1 hour
4 servings

Far east of Verona is a town called Trieste. From this city hails a soup that shows how the cuisine of Italy has been influenced by other cultures. It uses sauerkraut!

Indian venerable vada

45 minutes
4 servings

In a land with so many cultures living side by side, you would expect India's desserts to be equally varied. Even the venerated vada or vadai - a type of fritter or donut - shows this spread of ideas. Here is a type made from urad dal, a type of black lentil that mashes nicely into a dough.