Recipes and ideas with fruit as an ingredient.

Juice fasting

The term juicing is often associated with fasting. Indeed, juice fasts have become synonymous with cleansing and detoxification, thanks in large part to television infomercials and medical programs.

Peach cobbler

Total time
1 hour
6 servings

Cobblers are a wonderful dessert and they are simple to prepare. The only problem you may have is deciding on what kind of topping to use. The cookie top is a favorite with adults and it can be prepared while the filling cooks.

Juicing tips

Although juicing requires equipment and large volumes of pricey fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, there are sensible things that you can do to save time and money.


The biggest and most obvious expense for most people is the juice extractor, or electric juicer. Because the quality of the juicer plays a big role in how efficient your juicing efforts will be, this is not a place to skimp.