nuts & seeds

Ideas with nuts and edible seeds.

Amish peanut butter

1 batch

Amish peanut butter is a spread for bread rolls. Amish peanut butter can also be purchased from several companies that specialize in Amish foods, but why buy something that is easily made at home? This does make a rather large batch. It stores well in a sealed container, but making a half batch works well too.

Chicken tajine

Total time
50 minutes
4 servings

Moroccan dishes are becoming increasingly popular. This is no more difficult thatn other stew. If you do not have a traditional tajine to cook over coal, you can use a Dutch oven, or a pan with a lid, and your regular stove will do.


Total time
10 minutes
6 servings

This green basil, pine nut and garlic sauce is the pride of Genoa. Usually served with pasta, as a first course, it is also excellent with potatoes.