Food in Arkansas


Food processing is a major industry, as well as farming as Arkansas is a leader for producing poultry and eggs, and growing rice. Farmers also raise cattle, for both meat and dairy, and hogs. Other Arkansas crops are soy beans, sorghum, and wheat. Farmers also plant tomatoes, snap beans, grapes, and pecans.

The pink tomato grown in southern Arkansas is both the state fruit and the state vegetable. The tomato is really a fruit, but it is not as sweet as most fruits and tomatoes have always been used as a vegetable in cooking.

Arkansas foods

Arkansas is in The South, so it is not surprising to find that the standard fare includes barbecue, beef cuts, especially prime rib, fried chicken, and fried catfish sandwiches, corn bread, coleslaw, okra, and other traditional southern vegetables. Now add quail, shrimp, rack of lamb, and, of course, watermelon to the list.

Barbecue restaurants and steak houses are usually easy to find. Diners and "all you can eat" buffets and cafeterias are also popular.

…and food events

Hope Watermelon Festival, Hope, August

Recipes from Arkansas

Chocolate rice pudding - Prime rib served with fries and coleslaw.