Food in West Virginia

Traditional Southern fare is very popular in this "meat and potatoes" state, almost as popular as its slaw hot dogs.

pepperoni roll

Hot dogs in Wes Virginia come with the same wiener or Frankfurter, soft roll and mustard as they come in other States, but the locals also love to pile coleslaw on top. Restaurants serving hot dogs are known as "joints."

At Harpers Ferry there is a tradition of using pumpkins to make pies and other dishes. Local residents started cooking in earnest with these members of the squash family when flooding along the Potomac River covered the banks nearby with water and pumpkins in 1753.

West Virginia Foods

West Virginia farms produce beef and dairy cattle, chickens, and turkeys. Their crops include apples, especially Golden Delicious, peaches, and corn.

Golden Delicious apples come from West Virginia. The first ones were raised from a seedling that grew up by chance on a local farm in 1890. By World War I, West Virginia farmers were growing lots of gorgeous Golden Delicious apples.

…and food events

Black Walnut Festival, Spencer, October.

Recipes from West Virginia

Try a Golden Delicious apple pie. Pepperoni rolls are a favorite snack for WV shopping moms, but they can also be made at home.