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A full Japanese tea ritual, with food and drink, can take up to five hours. So, for those with less time, but the desire for a good brew, here are some tips.

You've gone to great lengths to find a great tea. You've spent two to five times or more what it would cost to get an ordinary tea from the grocery store. Now, keeping your tea stored properly can make it last as long as a year.

Like beer and wine, tea is an ancient beverage. Yet in some countries that are strongly associated with it, such as Great Britain, it was introduced only recently on the historical time scale.
An introduction to tea, the ancient beverage moderns enjoy.
Pork is a succulent red meat. Once, before freezers and refrigerators, pork was only for the winter months as the meat does not keep well. Nowadays, pork meat can be enjoyed throuhgout the whole year

Coffee is other historic beverage. It is the choice breakfast beverage for many, the perfect finish for a meal, and it is also used to flavor many desserts.