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Coffee is other historic beverage. It is the choice breakfast beverage for many, the perfect finish for a meal, and it is also used to flavor many desserts.

Sharp, spicy flavor and strongly aromatic. Used for studding ham, with boiled beef, pulses or stewed fruits, in mulled wines and punches, in spiced cakes and baking; also an ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian spice mixes.
Nuts are rich in nutrients, including proteins, and they can be the main ingredient in a recipe on their own right. They can also be used as garnish, adding texture and crunch to other dishes.
Fascinating information, facts and sample recipes about citrus fruits.
This is all about fish and seafood properties.
Do not let food go to waste and take advantage of all left over food.
Bread making machines are useful in the kitchen if you have room to have one.
Some ingredients are tricky to deal with, others require extra handling to give their best, sometimes going a little out your way renders spectacular results.

Some food would need very little preparation and no cooking at all, such is the case of raw foods. However, most of the food we eat is cooked, so it is handy to know how to prepare it.