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The term Irish breakfast refers to a fully cooked breakfast including a selection of fried items, mainly eggs and pork products. This kind of breakfast is mainly served in hotels and pubs in Ireland and it is similar to English breakfast.

Skip the candy this year, and opt for some healthier treats. Making Halloween treats healthy is easy.

Spanish omelets have a consistent filling, are thicker than normal omelets, the French kind, and they are not folded, but flipped over. They are simple and considered as minor cooking matter. All the same... what a great dish when well prepared!

Handling fruit is easy when you know how to and here are a few tips.
Lemons are part of the citrus family which is widely used in cooking.

Fancy a bit of girlie gossip? Alright girls, send that hubby of yours into the other room, we have some serious girl talk to engage in. They gone? Good. Let's talk about food attractions.

Menestras are vegetable casseroles, very popular in Spain. They are an excellent spring meal for good reason.

Chilled juices and creams are cold, delicious and healthy. Refreshing and ideal to cool down at any time on a warm summer's day, they are healthy because they are packed with vitamins and nutrients.