Fresh recipes

Easy menestra

55 minutes
4 servings

This simple recipe can be adapted for speed cooking by using prepared or frozen vegetables. Good quality, fresh vegetables make this recipe really special, but frozen vegetables are better than no vegetables.

Coconut chutney

55 minutes
4 Cups

Using all of the ingredients for simple chutney, plus some extras. These make for an even spicier chutney, but one that is also tangier and sweeter, with additional body.

Classic flan

30 minutes
6 servings

Calling flan a caramel custard is to do it an injustice. No mere pudding, this traditional Spanish dessert is the crème de la crème of sweets. Of course, not surprisingly, there are a hundred and one variations on the basic recipe. But sometimes the original is so much more than one can expect, to alter it is to approach cooking blasphemy.


1 hour, 10 minutes
4 servings

A tasty, sweet and soft European tradition, now with a Central American recipe.