Food and wine from Italy.

Italian tomato sauce

5 hours
10 servings

Everyone loves Italian tomato sauce. It is found on many different authentic Italian dishes such as spaghetti, pizza, ziti, lasagna, etc. Thankfully, you don't have to come from Italy or have a little Italian nonna to make a great tomato sauce. This is a simple recipe that will have you singing "That's Amore" and friends and family thinking you have been taking secret cooking lessons.

Italian pantry

Despite all the talking of the complex flavors in Italian cuisine and the comparison with French food, Italian dishes can be counted among the world's simplest to prepare. Italian cooking has been compared to the Japanese one because both rely on some trusted flavor profiles and quick, simple cooking methods, most of the times.

Italian gnocchi from scratch

1 hour, 30 minutes
4 servings

For the truly adventurous, you can make your own gnocchi, which are after all just dumplings made from potato and not disimilar to quenelles. Gnocchi are a delicious starter with tomato sauce, cheese sauce, pesto, or just butter and cheese. They would also make a mouthwatering main course if gnocchi were not so much work to prepare in large quantities.

Zuppa jota

1 hour
4 servings

Far east of Verona is a town called Trieste. From this city hails a soup that shows how the cuisine of Italy has been influenced by other cultures. It uses sauerkraut!