Recipes an ideas for stews and those that use the stewing cooking method.


Romavaza is a dish of zebu, local meat similar to beef, cooked Madagascar style with paracress, a particular type of local greens, and served with rice. We have substituted zebu meat with beef, easier to find out of Africa, and the greens with watercress because of its piquant flavor.

Lamb menestra

This type of menestra is a meal on its own. To serve as an appetizer, halve the meat or just skip it. You can also change the vegetables to suit your taste. Stewing meat and vegetables together keeps the food moist. The result is a succulent dish, perfectly cooked and not dry at all.

Irish stew

The inviting and very satisfying Irish stew illustrates the stewing technique. Prepared usually with the tougher cuts from lamb or mutton and, being Irish, the vegetables had to include potatoes. A good Irish stew is thick and hearty not watered down like soup. A substantial dish and full of flavor.