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Cheerios snack mix Phelan
Cheerios treats Phelan
Cheese and pear wraps Karen Fox
Cheese Ball Raphael
Cheese bread Maria
Cheese poutine Raphael
Cheese puffs from Wisconsin Food and Wine World
Cheese ring eggplant fritters with beef and mushroom adobo Greenerview
Cheese wafers Food and Wine World baking, easy, eggs & dairy, holiday, snack
Cheese, bacon and potato Spanish omelet Ehmer appetizer, eggs & dairy, frying, light meal, main course, main meal, meat, moderate
Cheesy chicken nachos Food and Wine World easy, grilling, light meal, main meal, poultry
Cheesy leek and ham bake Ehmer appetizer, autumn, baking, side dish, vegetables, winter
Cherry clafoutis Ehmer baking, dessert, easy, eggs & dairy, fruit, summer
Cherry fruit pie Phelan baking, dessert, fruit, moderate, summer, sweet
Cherry ketchup Phelan condiments, fruit, sauces, very easy
Cherry sauce for game Ehmer condiments, easy, fruit, game meat, poultry, sauces, side dish
Chestnut stuffing Ehmer
Chicken & sweet potato stew Phelan easy, main course, main meal, poultry, slow cooker
Chicken almond bites Greenerview
Chicken and broccoli stir fry Karen Fox
Chicken and Spanish rice Karen Fox
Chicken and vegetable pasta bake Greenerview
Chicken breast with balsamico Karen Fox
Chicken broth Greenerview auxiliar, easy, poultry, soups
Chicken casserole Karen Fox
Chicken chili Greenerview bulk, easy, low fat, main course, main meal, poultry, slow cooker
Chicken chow mein Food and Wine World easy, main course, mixing, pasta & rice, poultry, vegetables
Chicken cordon bleu Ehmer
Chicken Creole Greenerview
Chicken curry Karen Fox
Chicken egg soup Ehmer
Chicken en cocotte Ehmer
Chicken Florentine rice casserole Phelan
Chicken in teriyaki sauce Food and Wine World easy, main course, main meal, poultry, stewing
Chicken lasagna Phelan
Chicken lo mein Food and Wine World