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Habanero ketchup Phelan
Ham and cheese strata Maria
Ham and sorrel Spanish country omelet Ehmer
Ham and tomato sauce Spanish omelet Ehmer
Ham with cherry sauce Wanderer fruit, main course, meat, sauces, very easy
Ham, cheddar and rice pudding Phelan
Ham, macaroni and ricotta cheese Phelan
Harira Wanderer beans & pulses, bulk, challenging, meat, soups, vegetables
Harvest vegetable salad Karen Fox
Hawaiian ham casserole Karen Fox
Healthier Mexican huevos rancheros Karen Fox
Healthier southern sweet potato pie Food and Wine World
Healthy American Pancakes Raphael
Healthy Italian wedding soup Karen Fox
Healthy lasagna Karen Fox
Healthy risotto with peas Karen Fox
Healthy seafood kebabs Ehmer
Hearty lentil casserole Karen Fox
Heavy pasta sauce Food and Wine World meat, moderate, pasta & rice, sauces
Herb roast chicken Ehmer
Herb terrines Maria
Herbed dip Maria
Herrencrème Wanderer chilling, dessert, eggs & dairy, light meal, main meal, sweet, very easy
Hidden spinach linguine Phelan
Ho t'ao chi ting (walnut chicken) Phelan main course, main meal, moderate, nuts & seeds, poultry
Holiday turkey sandwich Greenerview easy, light meal, poultry, snack
Hollandaise sauce Greenerview
Home made chocolate Karen Fox
Honey baked bramley apples Greenerview
Honey mustard yogurt dressing Phelan
Honey wheat bread Maria
Honey-shallot ketchup Phelan
Horseradish sauce Food and Wine World
Hot apple cider punch with Calvados Karen Fox
Hot Chicken Wing Dip Raphael
Hot cinnamon Cheerios Phelan