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Lamb and almond stir fry Greenerview easy, mixing
Lamb menestra Food and Wine World main course, main meal, meat, moderate, stewing, vegetables
Lamb steak with pesto Maria
Lamb tagine with lemon and olives Wanderer main course, main meal, meat
Lamington cakes Food and Wine World baking, dessert, gourmet gift, snack, tea time, treats
Lattice apple pie Karen Fox
Lavender cookies Phelan baking, breakfast, dessert, easy, gourmet gift, snack, treats
Layered leeks and potatoes Italienne Ehmer appetizer, baking, gluten free, meatless, moderate, side dish, vegetables
Layered potato bake Maria baking, easy, eggs & dairy, side dish, vegetables
Layered shrimp appetizer Ehmer appetizer, buffet, chilling, easy, fish & seafood, light meal, mixing, simmering
Lean marinade for red meats Karen Fox
Lean marinade for white meats Karen Fox
Leche frita Greenerview dessert, eggs & dairy, frying, moderate, simmering, sweet
Leek and cheese pie Ehmer baking, brunch, buffet, bulk, challenging, light meal
Leeks and bacon au gratin Ehmer appetizer, autumn, baking, side dish, vegetables, winter
Lefse Food and Wine World breakfast, dessert, easy, frying, sweet
Lemon and blueberry pancakes Karen Fox
Lemon balm and carrot sorbet Greenerview
Lemon black olive hummus Karen Fox
Lemon curd cheesecake Karen Fox dessert, eggs & dairy, main meal, very easy
Lemon ketchup Phelan chilling, condiments, easy, fruit, sauces, simmering
Lemon puy lentils & poached eggs Karen Fox
Lemon salmon parcels Greenerview baking, fish & seafood, main course, very easy
Lemon shrimp risotto Karen Fox
Lemon tea loaf Maria
Lemon-orange marmalade Greenerview
Lentil soup Ehmer appetizer, beans & pulses, easy, light meal, soups, stewing
Lettuce cream Greenerview appetizer, gluten free, light meal, main meal, soups, vegetables, very easy
Libyan Kofta Raphael
Light chicken casserole Maria diet, easy, main course, main meal, poultry, simmering
Light clam pasta sauce Food and Wine World fish & seafood, pasta & rice, sauces
Light pasta sauce Food and Wine World easy, fish & seafood, pasta & rice, sauces
Liver in salad Maria holiday, light meal, meat, salads, vegetables
Loaf pudding Karen Fox
Loin of lamb in crust Maria frying, main course, main meal, meat, moderate
Louis dressing Greenerview condiments, dips & spreads, vegetables, very easy