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Macadamia chicken with chili avocado salsa Raphael baking, easy, main course, main meal, poultry, sauces
Macaroni and cheese Food and Wine World baking, main meal, moderate, pasta & rice, simmering
Macaroni cheese Karen Fox
Macaroni cheese with crab surprise Greenerview
Maine lobster Food and Wine World boiling, easy, fish & seafood, main course, main meal
Mango chutney Karen Fox
Mango daiquiri Wanderer mixed drinks, mixing, very easy
Mango ketchup Phelan
Mango lassi Food and Wine World eggs & dairy, fruit, milk shakes, very easy
Maple Glazed Ribs Raphael
Marinated chicken skewers Karen Fox
Marinated olives Greenerview appetizer, side dish, vegetables, vegetarian, very easy
Marzipan filled pears Maria
Mashed bean salad from Armenia Food and Wine World beans & pulses, condiments, moderate, salads, side dish, vegetarian
Mashed cauliflower Karen Fox
Mashed sweet potatoes Phelan microwave oven, side dish, vegetables, very easy
Mashed yams from Nigeria Food and Wine World appetizer, boiling, side dish, vegetables, very easy
Matzah stuffing Food and Wine World auxiliar, baking, easy, frying, holiday, side dish
Mayonnaise Greenerview
Meatloaf with brown sugar and ketchup glaze from Kansas Food and Wine World baking, easy, main course, main meal, meat
Mediterranean couscous Karen Fox
Mediterranean grilled chicken and vegetables Phelan
Mediterranean tomatoes Greenerview
Mediterranean vegetable and lentil salad Karen Fox
Mediterranean vegetable bake Karen Fox
Melon and serrano ham soup Greenerview
Melon risotto Ehmer
Merlot candied kumquats Phelan easy, fruit, sauces, simmering
Mexican chickpea wraps Karen Fox
Mexican fresh tomato sauce Greenerview
Mexican fried pastry Food and Wine World dessert, easy, frying, mixing, sweet, treats
Mexican gazpacho Food and Wine World appetizer, light meal, main meal, vegetables, very easy
Mexican lasagna Food and Wine World baking, main course, main meal, moderate, pasta & rice
Mexican meat balls Greenerview easy, main course, meat, sauces
Mexican rice Karen Fox braising, easy, main meal, pasta & rice, side dish
Mexican summer salad Ehmer beans & pulses, easy, salads, vegetables, vegetarian