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Peppermint pavlova Wanderer dessert, easy, fruit
Pepperoni spaghetti bake Karen Fox
Perfect crock pot roast Karen Fox
Perfect paneer Food and Wine World eggs & dairy, meatless
Perfect rice Food and Wine World boiling, microwave oven, pasta & rice, pressure cooker, simmering
Pesto Maria condiments, eggs & dairy, nuts & seeds, sauces, very easy
Pesto, Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Torta Raphael
Pheasant with chicory and cranberries Maria
Philly cheese steak Food and Wine World easy, eggs & dairy, light meal, meat, sandwiches
Pickled eggplant African style Wanderer appetizer, easy, side dish, vegetables, vegetarian
Pimento cheese Greenerview appetizer, dips & spreads, easy, eggs & dairy, light meal, snack, vegetables
Pineapple and coconut cream pie Greenerview
Pineapple ketchup Phelan condiments, easy, mixing, sauces, simmering
Pineapple salsa Phelan condiments, fruit, sauces, very easy
Pineapple upside down cake Greenerview baking, challenging, dessert, fruit, sweet
Pipi Fritters Raphael
Piquillo pepper cream Greenerview easy, light meal, main meal, soups, vegetables
Piquillo pepper ketchup Phelan
Piri-piri chili ketchup Phelan
Pita gyro sandwich Wanderer easy, light meal, meat, sandwiches
Plain pastry Greenerview
Plum and Port sauce Maria fruit, sauces, side dish, simmering, very easy
Plum ketchup Phelan condiments, fruit, moderate, sauces, simmering
Poached chicken breasts Ehmer
Polish nunter's stew with dill potatoes Karen Fox main course, meat, moderate, stewing, vegetables
Pomegranate ketchup Phelan condiments, fruit, moderate, sauces, simmering, vegetarian
Pork and jugo beans Food and Wine World beans & pulses, meat, moderate
Pork BBQ western style from North Carolina Wanderer easy, grilling, main course, main meal, meat
Pork chops with cherry-raspberry conserve Phelan
Pork empanadas Phelan baking, meat, moderate, picnic, vegetables
Pork farmer's pie Phelan baking, easy, gluten free, main course, main meal, meat, vegetables
Pork hash Phelan easy, frying, main course, meat, vegetables
Pork loin with shrimp Wanderer braising, bulk, holiday, main course, main meal, meat, moderate
Pork Spanish style Maria
Pork with BBQ sauce Phelan light meal, main course, main meal, meat
Pork with cassava leaves Food and Wine World main course, main meal, meat, moderate, simmering