Fresh mint and watermelon drink


This is a Mexican drink you can prepared at home by mashing watermelon and adding a little water and sugar, if the watermelon was not ripe enough. The mint and sparkling water are a modern twist to a traditional recipe.


8 c watermelon (watermelon chunks with no seeds, loosely packed)
1⁄4 c mint (fresh mint leaves)
12 fl oz water (sparkling water, chilled)
  sugar (to taste)


  1. To process easily, divide the watermelon into 2-cup portions. Add the mint leaves, if used, to one portion.
  2. Using a blender, puree each portion of the watermelon returning the puree to a large pitcher.
  3. Once all four batches of puree have been added, stir in chilleed sparkling water until it has the right consistency.
  4. Depending on the sweetness of the watermelon, sugar may be needed to sweeten the drink. Just add one tablespoon of sugar at a time, stirring well until you reach the desired sweetness.


If you were in front of a stand or in a restaurant in Mexico, ask for agua fresca de sandia.

It is better to used chilled water and chill the pitcher and glasses before preparing the drink than adding ice or chill the fruit water once prepared, but chilll it and serve over ice if you need to.

4 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
15 minutes