Greek chocolate balls


A sweet chocolate treat with a hint of rum. Reserve for a special occasion.


1 lb chocolate (milk chocolate, sweet, chopped into medium sized pieces)
1 lb walnut (shelled, skin removed and ground - about 1 cup ground)
3 T confectioner's sugar (plus more for coating)
4 T cream (or 1 tablespoon butter)
3 T rum (for flavor)


  1. Place chocolate in a bowl and melt.
  2. Add ground almond, sugar, cream and rum to the smooth melted chocolate. Mix well.
  3. Leave to cool a little then shape into little balls. Roll each ball in powdered sugar.


You can use a food processor to mix all the ingredients.

If you don't have them, substitute walnuts with almonds or pecans.

You can melt chocolate in the microwave, a double boiler or set the bowl in a shallow pan of hot water until it melts.

Experiment with other spirits such as vodka, brandy to vary the flavor.

Substitute rum with rose water if you want a treat with no alcohol.

3 Dozen
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
35 minutes