Grilled lobster


Order some cooked lobster from the fish counter at your grocery store or fishmonger and set about to make it special with some extra preparation.


1⁄2 T butter
1 c mushroom (sliced)
  seasoning (salt and pepper to taste)
1⁄2 c cheese (grated)


  1. Get the flesh out of the lobster tail and cut it into pieces. Reserve the shells.
  2. Heat butter pan and cook the shallot for 1-2 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook for a further 3 minutes. Mix in the cornstarch stirring vigorously.
  3. Add wine, mustard, herbs and cream. Season with slat and pepper and simmer just until the sauce thickens. Incorporate half the grated cheese and the lobster pieces.
  4. Stuff the lobster shells with the sauce. Season and sprinkle the rest of the grated cheese on top. Cook under the broiler just until the surface takes a golden brown color.
  5. Serve straight away with a mixed salad and toasted bread on the side.


Cheese makes sauces stick more to the bottom of the pan. A non-stick pan may help. 

Try this recipe with monkfish, steamed or boiled in a simpl broth.

4 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
30 minutes