Holiday turkey sandwich


The winter 2007 competition at All Foods Natural was asking for tasty fillings between bead and bread. This was the wining recipe; a sandwich that uses leftover roast turkey slices and cranberry sauce.


2 sli bacon (American or streaky bacon, cooked until crisp)
3 sli turkey (roast turkey, sliced thin)
  salt (to taste)
  pepper (to taste)
2 sli bread (cranberry bread loaf)
1 sli stuffing (from the roast, or sage stuffing)


  1. Spread the bread with mayonnaise.
  2. Arrange the lettuce, turkey, stuffing and bacon over one slice.
  3. Season with a little salt and pepper, if needed, and spread the cranberry sauce over the filling.
  4. Top with the remaining slice and serve.


This sandwich is good hot or cold.

Liza used home made cranberry sauce and mayonnaise. And she chose cranberry white loaf to sandwich all those goodies.

1 sandwich
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
10 minutes

holiday sandwich