Red mullet tarragon


Tarragon and saffron give the fish a unique and refined taste. Red mullet is delicious but has many bones, get it filleted.


2 T olive oil
  seasoning (salt and pepper to taste)
1 T butter
1⁄3 c broth (fish stock)
1 pn saffron


Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Cook mullet until done and keep warm.


Cook the chopped shallot in butter until transparent. Pour cream, fish stock and wine.

Add chopped tarragon and saffron strands when the liquid reaches the simmering point, Simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper if necessary.


Pour a little sauce around the cooked mullet. Garnish with a few tarragon leaves or coriander leaves, if you prefer. Serve homemade chips on the side.


You need to have the red mullet filleted. Ask your fishmonger to get the fillets for you. Their tools are bound to be better.

To make homemade chips, get a large potato, peel and slice it very finely - use a mandolin. cook them in plenty of very hot oil until light brown - sunflower oil is fine for this as its smoke point is higher than olive oil - to get them really crunchy, and drain. Season with salt.

4 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
35 minutes