Recipes and ideas for autumn cooking.

Grilled corn on the cob

Total time
50 minutes
8 servings

Cooking corn on the grill is unbelievably simple…and comes in real handy when you’re grilling and you don’t want to run back and forth from the kitchen checking on boiling water. You’ve got everything you need right outside and it’s a snap to bring it from grill to patio table.


Autumn, the fall season, when many vegetables ripen, wild mushrooms appear, and game meats come back to the menu.

Preserve the goodness

The signs of autumn have been slowly creeping up on us. Subtle changes in the air and summer green turns into bright oranges, browns, yellows and reds. It is this time of year when you diner plate starts to resemble the season. There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that are ready for harvest in the fall. With so many choices it’s hard to go wrong with your fresh food selections.