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Cuisinart espresso making machines

Surprise! Cuisinart makes products other than food processors. Tow of those “other than” units are the Cuisinart EM-100 and the Cuisinart EM-200. It looks like what it is: an espresso maker, with a classic style and controls. But that plain facade can fool you. Despite the modest price, the EM-100 makes a fine cup and it’s a good selection for those looking for their first machine.

Programmable espresso maker

If you love your specialty coffees and like to make them at home, then a programmable espresso maker is a good investment. You can treat yourself to delicious and perfect lattes, cappuccinos or even a sip of espresso to keep you going.

The espresso maker usually are very easy to use, but if in doubt, there will be instructions. For instance, some Cuisinart models have an included Instructional Cuisinart Espresso Maker DVD to help you. Use your preferred espresso coffee or espresso pods and press the appropriate button (single shot or double shot). The machine automatically gets the right amount of water and you can enjoy a perfect cup of espresso. The espresso machine also comes with various tools, such as tamping tool and measuring spoon, and a stainless steel jug to make frothing milk a breeze. The machine is easy to clean due to its removable trays and covers. The included drink booklet gives you recipes/ideas how to make different coffee drinks just like a professional barista.

All in all, if you like your various speciality coffees in the comfort of your home, a programmable espresso maker offers great value for money. In no time at all, you will be able to enjoy a tasty morning latte or a refreshing after-dinner espresso.

Espresso making machine

The 15-bar of pressure some espresso making machines produce is nowhere near the highest and far below professional level. Yet, for all that, it’s more than adequate and can produce a fine shot. Many are a pump-operated machine, though, so that modest level is more effective than it may seem. The key, of course, is getting a good bean and brewing it well.

With simple models, those can take the form of grounds or pods. Many novice baristas prefer the latter since it makes clean up that much easier. But with a stainless steel exterior and quality interior components, you won’t find that difficult here in any case. The portafilter holder has a locking mechanism for easy removal of the grounds after use.

You can make plenty of shots in one go with some units unit, too. Those feature a large reservoir, making them ideal for use at large parties. Since the water tank is usually removable, refill is no problem, either. De-calcification once every month or two is easy as well. Just rinse using Dezcal or make your own calcium-removal liquid with vinegar and baking soda.

If you do use it for parties, you’ll be happy to choose a unit that brews quickly. Something where pre-heating takes a couple of minutes but each shot can be produced in 15 to 30 seconds, thanks to the quick re-warming cycle.

If there is a warming tray on the top is handy. It keeps those prior cups warm while you’re brewing the next or it can preheat your cups, always a good idea. Some will create two at a time and others have a spacious area in front on the bottom which is also highly appreciated. Many machines limit you to espresso cups because they’re so constrained. Choose one where you can use tall mugs here with no problem.

A tamping tool is included with some machines, which allows you to smooth out the grounds for an even brew. Often it doubles as a measuring scoop. Some machines also have a stainless steel steam nozzle; and then creating a cappuccino or latte is a breeze. And, thanks to the removable drip tray, you need only a few seconds to rinse when you’re done brewing.

A few brands will also offer a frothing pitcher, a rare addition with a modestly-priced model. If it’s stainless steel so you’ll have no problem cleaning it after you make a fine head for your espresso. The commercial-quality steam wand is another fine tool that can be offered here. When present, it will generate continuous steam thanks to machine’s ability to adjust the internal temperature accordingly. Frothy milk takes only seconds to produce.

Barista – professional maker of coffee drinks. Every barista will have his or her espresso making method.

Espresso making machines are the ultimately cooking aid for a thoroughly enjoyable espresso, the best way to enjoy coffee.

If you love your specialty coffees and like to make them at home, then one of the Cuisinart espresso making machines could be a good investment. You can treat yourself to delicious and perfect lattes, cappuccinos or even a sip of espresso to keep you going.

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