South Africa

Food and wine from South Africa.

Steak Johannesburg

Steaks grilled in the best South African tradition, served with grilled asparagus with orange and nutmeg Hollandaise, and cumin flavored chickpeas. This is not as challenging as it may seem as long as the orange juice reduction is ready in advance.

Wine in South Africa

When we say wine in south Africa, we are talking about a wine country in transition, often with problems of identity and image for the consumer. do not forget South Africa has attractive vineyard areas, perfect for wine tourism and this area is in development now.

Food in South Africa

Whenever you hear a reference to the Rainbow Country, know they are talking about the Republic of South Africa. As it has numerous contrasting, vibrant cultures, languages, and religions, South Africa indeed resembles a rainbow. South African culinary art equally comprises a stimulating blend of North, South, East and West, mixing spices and flavors from Africa, Asia, and Europe to create a new savor that is very much unique to the land.